Staying at Freixo do Meio

The local lodgings places inside the farm perimeter, Casa da Professora and Casa da Augusta, are historical buildings designed to host project partners as well as anyone else who wants to experience our daily live.

The unique experience of staying at the Montado do Freixo do Meio protected area allows for a full immersion, especially when extended for at least three nights.

The staying includes self-guided tour of Montado do Freixo do Meio.

Casa da Augusta

Casa da Augusta was for generations the Mantearia of Monte do Freixo do Meio. That is, the place where everyone who came to work the farm eat, rested, and took shelter. It was a small house of vital importance to the community daily life.

Currently it is a local lodging able to receive eight people, with 4 double rooms with private W.C. and shared kitchen, fully equipped so you can prepare your meals.

Casa da Professora

The «Teacher’s House» was originally inaugurated in 1945 by Miss Maria Cecília Moraes, who lived there for 30 years. Born in Vidigueira, she was a role model for the dedication and commitment to the noble mission of teaching how to read. Today it’s a family house, where you can stay in close touch with the montado.

This lodging has two bedrooms, kitchen, living room and one W.C. It has room for 4 persons, you can also enjoy the small southside private terrace, where you can watch the sun rise and set, or gaze at the star filled sky that visits us every night.

During your stay, you will be embedded in the main «monte» that is the center of the daily activities of our multifunctional organization. We invite you to watch our weekly routine at the Protected Area and to live close to our community – a privilege for those staying with us!

Useful information

Upon arrival and departure, please go to the store for check-in and check-out.

Opening Hours: Arrivals should be made until 6 PM on business days at the store/reception.

All prices indicated include VAT at the current legal rate.

The presented touristic products can be adjusted and combined to create a program suitable for groups and specific audiences.

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