Built Elements

The landscape of Freixo do Meio is an illustration of the great diversity in experiencing the project, as well as of the interaction with the natural systems, keeping the focus on what people need, and not only on what can be sold, through a use of resources defined by limits and rules.

Elementos construídos

At Herdade do Freixo do Meio there are several built elements, we can group in operational groups. Monte do Freixo do Meio and buildings supporting production, Monte do Freixo de Cima, and the group of Monte do Zambujeiro, Monte Novo da Janfreira, Moinho and Monte da Pedra Alta.

Monte do Freixo do Meio is the main core and is also the entrance to the estate, made up by four groups of buildings and interconnected structures that include, among others, the Freixo do Meio Shop, that doubles as reception and information centre for visitors.

A second group is formed by «Casa da Augusta», a local lodging unit, and the home of the owners.

The third group is formed by the «School» of which one of the rooms will be converted into the future «Interpretation Centre of the Montado» and the «Casa da Professora», a lodging unit.

The fourth and biggest group of building includes the «Lagar» where the olive and wine press function, a house, called «Casa da Malta» with rooms with bunkbeds and a laundry where some of the workers live and where volunteers stay. It also includes the plant transformation unit, the acorn drier, the acorn processing room, the unit for preparation of fresh vegetables, the cloister with a small inner garden around a small pond (a place that may come to complement the interpretation center), tools storages, room supporting plant and animal production, the kitchen, and the restaurant «Cabana dos Bois», where daily meals are served.